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Born in Houston, Texas, Michelle Eulene, like "you lean on the wall", had an early attraction to cameras. She was one of those babies who constantly smiled when a camera appeared and posed like nobody's business. At eight years of age she was given a "model" doll that came with it's own plastic toy camera. Every time the shutter snapped, the doll would move into different poses. Her focus on framing began that day.

She carried her lenses into high school, then to college and worked for the city's newspaper. She received a degree in Communications from the University of Houston and added another path: TV Production.

That path led to working behind the scenes with CBS, ABC, CMT, MTV, ESPN, and the Discovery Channel all the while preparing her to inevitably be attracted to speaking on camera in the entertainment industry.

As a lifestyle correspondent with a multi-talented background, she can deliver the message about any subject and product - in a clear, concise, and down to earth way to viewers at home.

Contact her at for talent booking information.

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